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Massage Therapy

Thrive Signature Magic

Our signature massage is an exclusive combination of Hot Stone Massage, Sound Immersion and Reflexology. This 90-minute massage will awaken the magic in you. Relax, enjoy and find peace and balance with this enhanced restorative massage. 90 minutes. $135.


Unwind with our classic Swedish/Relaxation massage, utilizing warm towel compresses and long gliding massage strokes to release stress and tension within the body and experience an overall sense of well-being. 60 minutes $80. 90 minutes $115.

Deeply Rooted

Abracadabra, knots be gone! If you’re looking for something more than relaxation, this therapeutic massage could be your answer. Restrictions in the muscles or fascia can cause structural imbalances and decreased range of motion. This blend of deep tissue, trigger point therapy and myofascial release uses intentional pressure applied to areas of hyper-irritability (trigger points or “knots”), slow strokes reaching the deeper layers of the muscles and long stretching strokes to release/realign connective tissue and ease discomfort. 60 minutes $95. 90 minutes $125.

Sacred Stone Healing

Allow the tension and stress to melt away with a sacred healing stone massage. Heated basalt stones are used to massage the body and release muscle tension. It is both relaxing and effective due to the heat transfer into the muscle fibers. Heat increases oxygen release into the body, which in turn allows for greater ease in the contraction and release of muscles. This bodywork is deeply healing on a physical and emotional level. 60 minutes $95. 90 minutes $125.

Warrior Rehab

Restore within. This session utilizes a clinical based approach to restoring balance in the body system. This treatment begins with a postural analysis done by the therapist to assess the current state of the musculoskeletal system. Once information is gathered from the analysis, your therapist will perform a custom massage blending therapeutic techniques and joint mobilization to get your body back in alignment, rested, and restored. 60 minutes $100. 90 minutes $125.

A Mother’s Touch

Designed to provide expectant mothers a safe and blissful experience, this nurturing full body massage will help alleviate aches/pains and associated swelling that comes with pregnancy. Specialized positioning and bolstering are used to ensure mommy and baby are comfortable. This relaxing massage is a real treat for our mommies-to-be and new mother’s alike. 60 minutes $85.

Mini Magic

Don’t have time for a full body massage but still want to relax and rejuvenate? Experience our 15-minute focused healing massage with your choice of scalp, hands, or feet. 1 mini $25. 2 minis $40. 3 minis $65.

Massage Therapy Add-Ons

Add-Ons are a wonderful way to further enhance your massage treatment and can only be booked with a full massage treatment.

Sound Immersion Therapy

Immerse yourself in the healing of sound and let in penetrate every cell of your body for a deep relaxation that reduces stress and pain. You can add this before or after your massage for 30 minutes or let it work its magic during the entire massage. Before/After $30, During/60 minutes $45. During/90 minutes $55.

Body Brushing

Get glowing smooth skin by adding body brushing to your massage. Body brushing removes dead skin, increases circulation, and activates the lymphatic system, which promotes detoxing. $35.

Foot Scrub

Give your feet a pick me up with one of our delightful natural foot scrubs. Your feet are gently exfoliated, massaged and caressed with warm wet towels. The result: amazingly soft skin. 15 minutes. $35.

Essential Oils

Complete your service with the added benefits of essential oils. Choose an oil combination that will be massaged into your skin or added to a diffuser within your room. Essential oils can be used for emotional support, relaxation, easing muscle tension, and much more. $25.

Heat/Cold Therapy

Application of heat and/or cold to assist in relaxing your muscles and easing discomfort. $25.

All of our massage treatments include a complimentary one-hour pre or post treatment relaxation time to experience for yourself what Thrive: Mind, Body and Soul Retreat & Spa is all about.

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