Getting into a State of Flow

Hi All,

I’m Nancy Jones and as founder and CEO of Thrive: Mind, Body & Soul I want to offer insight into getting into a state of Flow. That glorious place inside each of us that brings into being moments of complete wellness. If you have never experienced this oneness with self that brings mind, body and soul in sync you should find out more about it and how to get there.

The mind clear and focused, the body conditioned and cared for and the soul filled with joy, all happening at once. It’s the place we belong. It’s the reason I built the physical manifestation of the idea in Glen Allen, Virginia.

A life at odds with yourself is no life at all. Flow is a reachable, attainable and realistic goal for all of us. If you can’t join us at Thrive in real time you can join us here online and learn ways to make flow happen for you. This isn’t mumbo-jumbo created by some guru of wellness. I am real woman.

I have 9 children, ages 10-30, 3 businesses, 26 employees and as busy a life as any of you. I have learned the hard way what life can be and do to you and I have found through many years of trial and error that when I am in a state of flow I am simply at my best. I can do more, be more and give more to myself and others when I am in sync with me.

No, it doesn’t happen over night and no it doesn’t happen all the time. Life is real, it can be hard, it can be tragic and painful and difficult, but it does not have to be impossible, exhausting and miserable. No matter who you are or where you are you can make things better by learning how to reach a state of flow.

It is the essence of wellness and self-care. Flow. Mind, Body and Soul working together to give you the life you deserve.

More to come. Do something good for yourself today. You are worth it!